Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Meet, Blueberry

I've been waiting until we got things all squared away with this before posting anything.  Didn't want to jinx it, you know?  But everything's official now! Yay! Sooo.......

Look what we done did!

We bought a new car!!!
2012 Ford Fiesta

Color: Blue Candy

From the outside, this car looks SUPER small, but on the inside?  WOW!  Sooooo roomy! We even got Dustin a brand new carseat! :)

We wanted a manual transmission (I miss my VW Jetta with the stick shift!), but it was nearly impossible to find this car, this color, our price range with a manual transmission.  So we kept the automatic.  Better in the long run, though.  Not as much to concentrate on while driving (especially with a whiny three-year-old in the back seat).

So many awesome features! Yes, I did just say awesome.  My fave? The Microsoft Sync!  We use this ALL THE TIME!  No more bluetooth falling out of my ear anytime I play with my hair... no more having to throw the phone across the car when I see a cop coming... and even better?  Dustin can join in the conversation! :)

With gas prices going up (and not sure how far up they will continue to go) we needed to rethink our vehicle situation.  We wanted something that could fit our little family (even thought it's mostly for hubby's work commute), last us many MANY years, and get amazing gas mileage (because we do A LOT of driving - 800 miles already added!).  And let me tell you... in the past couple weeks, we've already saved {at least} $120 in gas alone! Yay!

So, say hello to our new Blueberry!
{Yes, we named it.  And yes, I am a big Psych fan!}

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