Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 {picture loaded!}

Normally our holidays are hectic, crazy, disorganized, and just plain rushed.  No one is quite sure what they are doing, everything seems to happen last minute, and there's always something or someone forgotten.  This year, however, Easter was a blast!  We celebrated it with just our own little family of three.  It was simple, but it was exactly what we needed, and wanted.  It was pleasant, and special.

It started out with me the Easter bunny getting Dustin's basket all set up and put in his bedroom for him to see when he woke up.  The Easter bunny made a late trip (about 3am!), so he she didn't get much sleep that night.

{Skittles and M&M eggs, a noisy chick, and a Cars football}

{Cars 2 and Mickey Mouse bubbles}

{Purple peeps}

{Cars 2 charge ups... AMAZING sale at Target last week on all Cars products! We stocked up!}

Dustin woke up and first thing he went for were the Cars 2 cars! {of course!}  We grabbed his Easter basket and proceeded out to the couches and took a peek at what the rabbit had left for him overnight.  

It took him awhile, but he eventually noticed that the big egg holding all the smaller eggs that had been sitting on the kitchen table were gone!  Oh no!  So we got socks and shoes on and went outside for an Easter egg hunt with mama!

He did sooooo good this year!  Last year he would find an egg, open it, dump the contents into his basket, then forget not want to continue on with the hunt!  Silly boy!  This year, though, he found an egg, put it in his basket, then proceeded to find the next, and so on.  So exciting!  When we he had found all of the eggs, we headed inside to see what all mommy the Easter bunny had put in them.

{Look at how well he made out!  Cars 2 cars, $5, and jelly beans galore!}

For dinner, I made my very first ham!  Del helped, of course!  He made the glaze to put on top! {Thank you!}  To go with the ham, I made candied yams, baked asparagus, and garlic sourdough bread.  Yum yum!

For dessert, I made the bunny cake that my mom used to make when I was growing up.  It's nothing unique (I've been seeing a lot more families making it) but it's fun!  And Dustin loves to look at it and say, "baby like rabbit cake!"

{I didn't go all out with this one this year.  Kept it simple!}

And that was our day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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