Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Higher Education

{Rube Goldberg project by 2 UW students, demonstrating the chances of a fetus acquiring "diseases & disabilities"}

{Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!}

 {Can I just say, I LOVE his eyelashes!}

 {A game of Kinect anyone?! He's a dancing machine!}

{"I win!"}

 {Of course the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.}

{You are being watched... I walked right past this the first time, felt funny, went back, and then realized what it was.} 

{"What's down there?"} 

{Cool dude! Some new shades from the Microsoft people.} 

Last Friday Dustin and I packed up our own bags and rode the bus into Seattle with Del for a day of adventure on the University of Washington campus.  Del had class, so Dustin and I were on our own for about an hour and a half.  It was a great day to visit campus because HuskyFest 2012 was in full swing and there was lots to check out!  We got free energy drinks, free Fuze drinks, and free Vitamin waters!  We also snagged a couple reusable bags to carry everything in; a couple coupons good for free chips and guacamole & buy one get one free at Chipotle; and a mini tomato plant to plant and watch grow!  

We met back up with Del after his class and wandered around a little more.  We checked out the Microsoft tent where the boys played a little bit of some dancing game (maybe DDR?).  Then we showed Del the Rube Goldberg project we had seen, and Dustin loved!  Of course we also admired the pretty pink cherry blossoms.  And finally, we headed off for home.

Dustin was surprisingly very well behaved.  Shocking, I know, especially considering we've he's been learning how to throw temper tantrums go all rag doll and ignore us if we try to communicate with him.  Oh three year olds... or is it just boys?  So it was a pleasant day!

Happy Wednesday!

The Paper Mamaand then, she {snapped}

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

So blogger did it... they finally did it.  They switched me over to the new format.  Not sure whether or not I really like it yet, but I guess we'll see how it goes!

1. I really, I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y want a veggie garden this year.  We don't exactly have the best set up for one right now, though, so a raised vegetable garden seems like a good solution.  Maybe?!

2. I've been on an organizing kick {in my brain} lately and these would be so cute to help in our garden.

3. My mother-in-law has a friend who makes postcards and sends them out for each holiday.  I want to try making some!

4. You can sew so many things!

5. This cupcake stand is so cute!  Tutorial by The Paper Mama over at Pamplemousse1983.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Meet, Blueberry

I've been waiting until we got things all squared away with this before posting anything.  Didn't want to jinx it, you know?  But everything's official now! Yay! Sooo.......

Look what we done did!

We bought a new car!!!
2012 Ford Fiesta

Color: Blue Candy

From the outside, this car looks SUPER small, but on the inside?  WOW!  Sooooo roomy! We even got Dustin a brand new carseat! :)

We wanted a manual transmission (I miss my VW Jetta with the stick shift!), but it was nearly impossible to find this car, this color, our price range with a manual transmission.  So we kept the automatic.  Better in the long run, though.  Not as much to concentrate on while driving (especially with a whiny three-year-old in the back seat).

So many awesome features! Yes, I did just say awesome.  My fave? The Microsoft Sync!  We use this ALL THE TIME!  No more bluetooth falling out of my ear anytime I play with my hair... no more having to throw the phone across the car when I see a cop coming... and even better?  Dustin can join in the conversation! :)

With gas prices going up (and not sure how far up they will continue to go) we needed to rethink our vehicle situation.  We wanted something that could fit our little family (even thought it's mostly for hubby's work commute), last us many MANY years, and get amazing gas mileage (because we do A LOT of driving - 800 miles already added!).  And let me tell you... in the past couple weeks, we've already saved {at least} $120 in gas alone! Yay!

So, say hello to our new Blueberry!
{Yes, we named it.  And yes, I am a big Psych fan!}

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: For Aunt Jo!

Easter was this past weekend.  We did all the "traditional" things: dying Easter eggs, an Easter egg hunt, bunny pictures, bunny cake, ham dinner... I think Dustin enjoyed the coloring of the eggs the most.  We did 22 at our home, and enlisted my mom's help to dye some more with Dustin because he was just distraught when we finished ours!  So I dropped him off, and when I picked him up, my mom showed me a neat little treat she had given him...

It's not the best quality (my first .gif done in CS4), but I think you get the idea!  Edible Easter grass!  How fun is that?!  It tastes like green apple, and Dustin loves it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

The Paper Mamaand then, she {snapped}

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 {picture loaded!}

Normally our holidays are hectic, crazy, disorganized, and just plain rushed.  No one is quite sure what they are doing, everything seems to happen last minute, and there's always something or someone forgotten.  This year, however, Easter was a blast!  We celebrated it with just our own little family of three.  It was simple, but it was exactly what we needed, and wanted.  It was pleasant, and special.

It started out with me the Easter bunny getting Dustin's basket all set up and put in his bedroom for him to see when he woke up.  The Easter bunny made a late trip (about 3am!), so he she didn't get much sleep that night.

{Skittles and M&M eggs, a noisy chick, and a Cars football}

{Cars 2 and Mickey Mouse bubbles}

{Purple peeps}

{Cars 2 charge ups... AMAZING sale at Target last week on all Cars products! We stocked up!}

Dustin woke up and first thing he went for were the Cars 2 cars! {of course!}  We grabbed his Easter basket and proceeded out to the couches and took a peek at what the rabbit had left for him overnight.  

It took him awhile, but he eventually noticed that the big egg holding all the smaller eggs that had been sitting on the kitchen table were gone!  Oh no!  So we got socks and shoes on and went outside for an Easter egg hunt with mama!

He did sooooo good this year!  Last year he would find an egg, open it, dump the contents into his basket, then forget not want to continue on with the hunt!  Silly boy!  This year, though, he found an egg, put it in his basket, then proceeded to find the next, and so on.  So exciting!  When we he had found all of the eggs, we headed inside to see what all mommy the Easter bunny had put in them.

{Look at how well he made out!  Cars 2 cars, $5, and jelly beans galore!}

For dinner, I made my very first ham!  Del helped, of course!  He made the glaze to put on top! {Thank you!}  To go with the ham, I made candied yams, baked asparagus, and garlic sourdough bread.  Yum yum!

For dessert, I made the bunny cake that my mom used to make when I was growing up.  It's nothing unique (I've been seeing a lot more families making it) but it's fun!  And Dustin loves to look at it and say, "baby like rabbit cake!"

{I didn't go all out with this one this year.  Kept it simple!}

And that was our day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mommy Time

Oh mommy time.  That much needed few moments (hopefully at least 30 minutes!) when I can just sit down and peruse other blogs, work on homework for school, and worry about nothing but what I feel like doing.  Just relax.  After a long Monday and a cranky three-year-old, the hubby gave me just that - mommy time!  He is playing cars with Dustin, and watching Game of Thrones, whilst I surf the internet and post this blog!  Definitely much needed and MUCH appreciated! :)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm so excited to finally be linking up with Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos for one of her Scavenger Hunt Sundays!  I have been a quiet follower of hers for a while now, and am so happy to finally be joining in!

Here are my interpretations for this weeks scavenger hunt prompts:

c l o u d s

{Dustin and I recently visited the University of Washington campus while Del went to class.  Afterwards, we all met up and had a delicious lunch at University Teryaki (BEST around!).  If you live in the pacific northwest, you know that we don't get as much sun as the rest of the country.  This was an "overcast" day... aka, cloudy day.}

s u n  f l a r e

{I am still learning all about photography, and a sun flare, I get these accidentally!  Here is one I attempted to capture on purpose.}

s e v e n

{For the life of me, I couldn't come up with anything for 'seven'. So here is what I ended up doing.}

h i g h  a n g l e

{Dustin was playing with his Cars 2 cars and I was able to get him to {kind of} work with me for a few snapshots!}

l o w  a n g l e

{Again, just kind of playing around.  This is a flamingo that my mother-in-law has in her front garden.  I love them!  They make me smile! :) }