Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Down, One Left!

We are now officially into the third trimester!  The last leg of this journey... and I couldn't be more excited, nervous, anxious, or happy!  It seems as we progress further and further, time as begun to fly faster and faster.  I feel myself wanting to get everything set up and ready for this baby so that we are prepared this time around (with Dustin, we weren't ready... AT ALL!).  But hubby says to slow down, things will be fine.  So I'm trying to do that.

GENDER  Undeniably, this trimester brought the much anticipated and awaited news... the gender of Baby B #2!  True to my hubby's family, this little one is yet another boy!  There is officially no fighting those genetics... they make boys!  We couldn't be happier, though. :)

WEIGHT I've heard that with each pregnancy, you tend to gain more weight than the previous.  Wow!  Who knew how true that would be (for me)!  I've already gained more weight than I had when Dustin was born, and I still have 12 weeks to go!

SLEEP It's getting harder and harder to sleep.  More specifically, it's getting harder and harder to get comfy enough to sleep.  My right side is my preferred side, so sleeping arrangements are very specific!  I am waking up multiple times during the night, so my sleep is constantly interrupted as well, which means I'm sleepy all day... every day.

MOVIN' & SHAKIN' This little guy is quite the jumping bean!  His most active times are at night (between 11pm and 2-3am) and after every meal or snack I consume.  Del is now able to feel his kicks, punches, flips, rolls, turns, and stretches.  It's pretty exciting!  He will jiggle my belly, which causes little boy to wiggle inside.  He says he's "playing" with him! Ha!  I just love the feeling. :)  However, I am liking less and less this feeling of constantly having something sitting directly on top of my right pelvic bone.  Grr... I am always feeling pressure there and I'm not quite sure what he is doing to cause this uncomfortable pressure.

CRAVINGS  My sweet tooth is out of control!  My most recent indulgence is Twix and Hot Tamales. Delicious combo, right?!  Black raspberry iced tea, milk, water, and juice are pretty much constants in our fridge.  Still loving my fruit and veggies - pineapple, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers.  Popsicles are yummy too!

BIG BROTHER  Dustin is super excited to be getting a baby brother!  Any time someone tries to tell him it's a girl, or asks him, "what if it's a girl?" he gets mad and starts yelling, "no!  I want a boy!" Hee!  He's been helping to pick out clothes for his new brother, grabbing everything he sees in reach that is for boys.  I am excited to see how he interacts with this little boy when he finally arrives.