Birth Story

Dustin's Birth Story

I had a good pregnancy. No complications, nothing unusual. Pretty much textbook. I had gained 30lbs even, was measuring where I should be, and both dilated and effaced around where I should be for my time-frame.

It was November 18, 2008. Around 5:30pm. I had a little over a week left {9 days to be exact} until Dustin was due. Del was recently returned from deployment {he had only been home for 39 days} and we were still setting up our living arrangements.

I was inside on the phone with my mom. Going over what, I can't remember. Plans, daily events... who knows! Del was outside with his dad looking at a hookup for something inside in the kitchen. I was sitting in our bed, cross-legged, when all of a sudden, I could swear I peed myself! But who pees themselves when they are awake? I got up to go into the bathroom and on my way there I kept peeing! What the heck was wrong with me? {I began to wonder if I needed the medication that was advertised in the pipe people commercial!} I got to the bathroom, but barely in time. Still on the phone with my mom, she asked what was going on. I told her “I don't know, but I either just peed all over the house, or my water broke!”

Being my mom and hearing this, she immediately said to call L&D, get everything I needed from home, and head to the hospital. First things first, though, I had to tell Del what was going on. So outside I went, straight from the potty. I walked around, in the cold, wet, dark; no shoes on, and found Del with his dad. He looked at me. “Del?” “Yeah?” {And now, almost in a waterfall of tears} “My water just broke!” “Are you serious?” “Yes!” Del's dad came over and put me in a bear hug and said that it was going to be okay. It was bound to happen sooner or later!

While they finished up whatever they were doing, I called L&D. They asked if I was GBS positive or negative. Positive. They asked how far apart the contractions were. Not sure because they really weren't all that painful... more like very mild cramps. They asked if I had eaten anything. Nope. They told me to first, relax. Then get something to eat, pack up my bags, and then head into the hospital. I called my mom back to let her know what they had said. By this time, she was already on her way to meet us at the hospital! Oh mommy. :)

We went inside where I ate some chicken, apple slices, and had some milk.  As I ate, the contractions got a little stronger. Del made the call to his brother to let him know what was going on {without even intending to, Dustin's birth became a big family affair!}. We finished eating and the plan was for Del's my mother-in-law to drive us to the hospital in her car, and his dad to follow in our car. This way we would have our own car at the hospital afterward. Why didn't we just drive our own car? Because Del was supposed to be comforting me and taking care of me. He couldn't do that if he was driving! ;)

The car ride to the hospital felt like it took forever. My contractions were now very obvious, enough so that I had to squeeze Del's hand any time I had one. He was on the phone with his brother during most of the car ride.  We had planned on getting a new video camera in {literally} two days! Dustin just couldn't wait long enough! So Del had his brother pick it up for us, and they were working out all the arrangements, etc.

We got to the hospital, and Del helped me walk inside. We found a stray wheelchair and I sat down in it. Del proceeded to check me in at the front desk. The time was now around 7pm – the magical hour when the nurses change shifts.

I had to wait, for I don't know how long, before I was finally wheeled into my own private room. It was in the newer area of the hospital, so the room was very spacious! Very nice! I changed into the typical hospital gown and hopped into the bed. I was then poked with an IV and hooked up to all the normal do-dads for monitoring baby's heart rate and whatnot. I got comfy; or, well, as comfy as I could considering the contractions were only getting more and more painful!

So far in the room with us there was {of course myself, Dustin-still in belly, and Del} my mom and dad; my brother and sister; mother- and father-in-law; Del's brother and his fiance (now wife/sister-in-law!). Not too much longer, another brother of Del's showed up with his girlfriend. In case you lost count, that's ten people {12 counting myself and Del; 13 including Dustin} in this room – and there was still a large amount of room to wander around.

Dustin and I were checked every now and then. Everything seemed fine. My contractions kept coming, stronger and stronger. I went from completely effaced and 3cm dilated, to 5cm dilated, to 7cm dilated in a matter of maybe three hours. We had House on the TV, and everyone was mingling.

It was shortly after this three hour mark that the nurse came in and checked on Dustin's heart rate. She didn't say anything to me, I really {honestly} didn't even notice her facial expression, if there was one. Right after this check, I had a contraction. Tears, tears, and more tears. Nearly let a scream escape, but was just barely able to hold it in. Crying, Del asked if I wanted an epidural.

Up to this point, I had agreed to do a natural birth – no drugs. I was stupid! First time mother, I didn't know any better, is my excuse. I declined but Del insisted. I agreed. Yes. Yes, I wanted drugs! So Del headed out of the room to find the nurse. He didn't have to go far because the nurse was already on her way back in – WITH the anesthesiologist! Apparently, when she had checked the monitor, she noticed that Dustin's heart rate had dropped, quite drastically {136 to 67}. She knew that the anesthesiologist had just gotten on clock and had a long list of patients to attend to, so she grabbed him for me first! What an angel! :)

He introduced himself, very nice gentleman. He explained what was going to happen, and set up his tools. He let me lay on my left side while he did the procedure. We had to wait for a contraction, but when it came, all I felt was a poke from the needle and a couple minutes later, I was able to roll onto my back again. While he was there, I had another contraction... that I could feel... a lot. I asked if it was working and he informed me that the epidural would take a few minutes to begin working. So I thanked him and waited. And waited. Sure enough, I began to feel the same very mild cramping feeling I had felt when my water first broke. Relief!

No longer in pain now, I was able to converse with my family members {whom were all still there with me – at 11pm at night!}.

It was about 11:30pm and I had been starting to feel my contractions again through the epidural. I kept pressing my not-so-magical-button-anymore every ten minutes, but it wasn't doing any good. About this time, my nurse came in to check on me. I told her that I could feel my contractions again. She said that was normal; that the epidural could only do so much, and that as I got closer to delivery, I would start feeling them again; stronger, but not as strong. She also told me to let her know if I felt like I had to poop. Interesting question, considering that's how I felt at that moment.

She checked my cervix and informed me that I had a head crowing already! HOLY MOLY! She washed up, and went to get the doctor.

The doctor came in, introduced herself {my actual OB/GYN was not on call in the L&D that night, which I was disappointed about, but prepared for} and began prepping me. Legs up in the stirrups, light and mirror both in place. We were ready for action!

At this point, the {family} crowd had decreased to just my mom and mother-in-law; both of which were there to "work." {My mom on the camera, mother-in-law on the video camera... yes, we captured every moment!} Almost instantly after beginning to push, the doctor announced that the head was out and I heard my mom exclaim “OMG Lis! He's got so much dark hair!” The doctor took my hand and had me feel. Why? Not exactly sure. But honestly, I was in a bit of a dazed state at that point so I couldn't care less.

After just nine minutes of pushing Dustin was out, laying on my chest. No crying, no wiggling around.  Just peaceful!

Me, however. I was bawling. I checked for all ten fingers and toes. I looked at his hair {not as much as me, but more than Del}. I kissed him. Such kissable cheeks and forehead already! MY baby! MY turkey! {because his due date was on Thanksgiving Day that year}

Because we got there so late on the 18th, we stayed there all of the 19th, and got to go home on the evening of the 20th {evening because my actual OB/GYN was there and she wanted to see us}. Interesting fact, I was more nervous to go home with Dustin than I was to actually be in labor and give birth do him. Yep. Everything turned out a-okay, though. Dustin got a clean bill of health, we were released and went home, and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with our new baby and our family!

PS – We also enjoyed some 3am Black Friday shopping with Dustin that year! :)

Dustin Dwight
November 18, 2008
6lbs 4oz 19" long 

I was sooooo excited when they gave Dustin a Christmas baby beanie!  They had just gotten them in and they wanted to be "festive"!  Yay! :)

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