Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm so excited to finally be linking up with Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos for one of her Scavenger Hunt Sundays!  I have been a quiet follower of hers for a while now, and am so happy to finally be joining in!

Here are my interpretations for this weeks scavenger hunt prompts:

c l o u d s

{Dustin and I recently visited the University of Washington campus while Del went to class.  Afterwards, we all met up and had a delicious lunch at University Teryaki (BEST around!).  If you live in the pacific northwest, you know that we don't get as much sun as the rest of the country.  This was an "overcast" day... aka, cloudy day.}

s u n  f l a r e

{I am still learning all about photography, and a sun flare, I get these accidentally!  Here is one I attempted to capture on purpose.}

s e v e n

{For the life of me, I couldn't come up with anything for 'seven'. So here is what I ended up doing.}

h i g h  a n g l e

{Dustin was playing with his Cars 2 cars and I was able to get him to {kind of} work with me for a few snapshots!}

l o w  a n g l e

{Again, just kind of playing around.  This is a flamingo that my mother-in-law has in her front garden.  I love them!  They make me smile! :) }


  1. Great set - really love your shot for high angle.

  2. Thank you! I love all of your photos, so it's really "awesome" (is there a grown up way to say that?!) to have you like one of mine! :)