Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Down, Two to Go!

SOOooo, if you couldn't guess from yesterday's Christmas card post... here's a more direct announcement:

**This is the photo I took and sent to my hubby with the message "Looks like Robin tonight!" in the text portion.  We had a deal that if it came out positive, we'd go out to dinner at Red Robin that night.  And yes, I did in fact take the test in the Safeway bathroom and then proceed to the wine aisle for this picture!**

No more wine for me for a few months! :)  We are expecting baby number two in June!  Yay!

We kept this wonderful little secret under-wraps until recently, when we sent out our Christmas cards (which doubled as announcements).  We decided that we wanted to be "in the clear" and safely into our second trimester before spilling the beans.  Now I get to chronicle this adventure... hopefully... if I can keep up.  So here's my first official "bumpdate"!

**Pardon the half naked photos.  I started "recording" the growing belly during my trips to the gym, so these are all either before or after my workout.**

Well, we are down one trimester and have only two left to go! Like there's really that much time when growing a baby, right?!

ICK!  Pretty much throughout my first trimester (and even somewhat now) I have felt sick.  Nothing really sounded good in the first few weeks, and even now my cravings are limited to specific food items: fruits, veggies, orange juice, ice cream, and candy (primarily circulating around chocolate)!  But I am getting my appetite back, eating more pasta type meals, and honey and peanut butter sandwiches.

BELLEH!  My belly seems to be growing faster this time around.  I've heard that this is common for second (or more) pregnancies, and it sure seems to hold true!  So far, though, only Del and I have noticed the difference, and I can still fit into all of my regular clothes.

SLEEP?  All I want to do is sleep!  I am soooo tired, a l l  t h e  t i m e!  But as far as sleep itself is concerned, I have no complaints thus far.

DOCTOR.  We've had two doctor's appointments so far, and one scheduled for the day after Christmas.  We are looking forward to January 25th when we get to see if Baby B #2 is another little boy or the nearly impossible to have a baby girl!

Our due date is still the same: June 10, 2013.  However, if history repeats itself, this little one may come earlier than that.  It is sure to be a crazy time!  So far, we have my grandma's birthday on June 7th; my little brother's high school graduation on June 14th; Del's UW graduation on June 15th; then father's day and my sister-in-law's birthday on June 16th!  It is sure to be chaotic exciting times! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Photo Challenge

The Paper Mama is at it again! :)  She is hosting her Holiday Photo Challenge again this year, and guess what?  I couldn't be more excited because I actually have an entry this time around!  I wanted to enter last year, but was lost on inspiration and ideas until the very last second.  This year, though?  No lack of!

Last year's card:

This year's Christmas photo card is also a special announcement.  Yep!  We have big news!  And we waited until the holiday season to share!  What better way to brighten the holidays than with happy news?!

So, without any further ado... here is our entry for The Paper Mama's Holiday Photo Challenge!

I know that they are a little really busy, BUT, they get all the messages we wanted to send across.  I am soooooo happy with how these turned out!  I am even happier that when I went to print them at Costco, they worked perfectly and I didn't have to waste any money reprinting anything this year!  Always a plus! :)

Happy Holidays!