Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank You, Grandma Becky!

Dustin has a grandma.  Her name is grandma Becky.  She lives on the east coast.  We don't get to see her.  Like, ever.  So every once in a while she sends Dustin care packages!  Daddy usually gets all of the packages, so it's exciting for Dustin whenever one comes in his name.  The most recent package arrived on our doorstep Monday afternoon/evening.  It was filled with three fun goodies, all of which Dustin wanted to take outside and break-in immediately!

 {Excited to have gotten a package of his own!}

 {First glance at what's in the box, under all the green paper!}

 {Water guns}                         {Cars Lightning McQueen Roller Skates}               {Baseball glove and ball}

{A note to Dustin!}

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