Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Starting With Us

Do you dream of being the next American Idol?!  Do you sing show-tunes in the shower?  Belt out the lyrics to every song on the car radio? {guilty!} Admittedly, I l-o-v-e LOVE to sing, but can't carry a tune whatsoever! {eek! gasp! horror!}  I am so glad that the same does not hold true for my cousin, Randy!  This amazing young man has taken up the wonderful talent of writing and singing his own songs.  Yup!  My family and I were given a pleasant surprise when he posted a link to his first written and produced song on Facebook.  My mom was the first to show it to me, and in turn I have been given the thumbs up to share it with all of you!

And get this!... If you love his song as much as I do, {in fact, I'm positive you will!} you can download it and save it to your iPod, Zune, computer, or whatever for just $1!  Then listen to it over, and over, and over, and... well, you get the idea!

SO...... click here and start listening!  And feel free to let Randy know how much you love it by leaving a comment here!

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  1. Hi Melissa! I work with your mom at TMS. My name is Mrs. D. I tasted your devine cupcakes & saw that you wrote your blog address on the sticky note. That's why I'm here. Thanks for letting us sample. Any chance you'd share the recipe? If it's on here, I can't find it...

    Mrs. D.