Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Superbowl XLVI

This past Sunday was Superbowl XLVI!  We normally try to get all of our friends and family together for the game (even if it isn't our team playing) but this year we went low-key.  Everyone was kind of doing their own thing.  We ended up going over to my parent's house and deep-frying a bunch of goodies! (Yes, we are deep-fryers!)

We do enjoy deep-frying, but only on weekends.  Since it was Sunday, and the Superbowl, we went all out... sort of!

We deep-fried cut up potatoes and made our own homemade garlic fries (those went the fastest!); corn tortillas to make Ixtapa-style (Mexican restaurant) chips; egg rolls and mozzarella sticks; and my mom made a chili cheese dip.

To go along with all the deep-fried foods, we had french onion dip, soy sauce, salsa, nacho cheese dip, guacamole (my personal fave!), sour cream, and good old ketchup.

We also had a meat and cheese "platter," and some Fritos, pistachios, and M&M's.

Finally, we had my personal favorite of the entire evening.... homemade oatmeal raisin cookies! Yummy!

And how could the night be complete without flying into bed (after brushing and flossing after all these goodies, of course!)?!  Doesn't that wedgie just look so comfy?! haha


  1. Found you over on "And then she snapped..." Can't explain this. Suddenly have the urge to try M&Ms dipped in guacamole.

    1. haha
      I love guacamole! However, still haven't tried any of the pretzel M&M's. Those escaped my grasp amongst all the other foods!